The channel management area in YesBookit, found under the Tools menu, is where you can add and manage channel connections. For an overview of our channel management options, see this help article and for an example about how to add connections, see the help articles for Rentals United and

Once you've added your channels, opened them and connected properties, you use the "Manage" function to handle other channel-related tasks. Here are some of the more useful options.

See if a channel is open or closed
If a channel is open, you'll see a green tick and "live" on the card in the main channel management view. Or, if you are in the connection management area for that channel, you will see  "Open" up the top. Here's how these look:

When a channel is closed, you'll see a red exclamation mark and the text says "closed".

See how many properties are connected to a channel
The main card view and the individual channel pages both show how many properties you have connected to that channel. This should always be the number of properties you should expect to see in that other channel as live and bookable. 

View the update history for a channel
By clicking "view logs" on a channel page, you can get a detailed history of all the updates out of YesBookit to the channel. This is where you go if you want to see what YesBookit sent the channel, and when. It can be handy if you want to know if we blocked out the calendar when a new booking came in from another channel, for instance. If an update failed, you will see a red "Fail" instead of the green "Success".

Use the ticks to check the status of a property
There are three tick colours, and they tell you about the current connection status of a property.

Add/remove properties from a connection
To add a property that is not connected, simply tick the grey tick next to that property (turning it green) and it will be queued for connection to that channel, as long as that channel is already "open". Likewise, to remove a property from that channel, click the green tick (turning it grey) it and it will be marked as "inactive" in the channel.

Properties that are inactive in YesBookit will have a red tick, and you will not be able to send those through to a channel until you make them active, and active for portal feeds.

View a property on a channel

Next to each connected property on the channel page, there is a "view" button. As long as we have the listing ID for that property, clicking this button will open that property's listing page on the channel in a new tab. This can be a handy way for checking if changes you've made in YesBookit have fed through to the channel. Note- some channels don't support this feature.

Force a re-push to the channel
At any stage, you can force an update of a property to a channel by clicking the blue "re-send" button on the channel page:

You can also force connection of all eligible properties, disconnection of all connected properties using the dropdown option and clicking "apply".

Find properties easily using the sort and filter options
If you want to narrow the list of properties you see on a listing, use the filters at the top of the columns to find specific properties, locations and more. Start typing and the full list will refresh to match your search criteria. 


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