YesBookit has multiple options available for those who want to list on booking channels such as Stayz, Airbnb,, Expedia and more. Connecting the booking channels to YesBookit means that your calendars are always up to date, bookings are added automatically into YesBookit, and you can spend less time managing the channels.

The way to think of the options for connection to the booking channels is that there are direct connections and indirect connections, and these are summarised below.

Direct connections
YesBookit connects directly to the following channels, meaning that you do not need any other channel management software if you only want your listings on these sites.

  • Stayz

  • HomeAway

  • Bookabach

  • TripAdvisor/Flipkey

  • - click here for an article on connecting to

There is no fee charged by YesBookit for these connections at the moment, at least until the end of September 2017. We may charge a small fee for some of the connections in the future, but we will only do that once we have the ability for you to mark your rates up to cover the channel's commission and/or the YesBookit fee. We will warn you before we add any such charge.  
We will be adding to our suite of direct connections over time, so watch this space! 

Indirect connections
For some booking channels (such as Airbnb, Expedia, Agoda and C-Trip) we have partnered with channel managers who can get you connected.

  • Rentals United - a dedicated holiday rentals channel manager, they connect to over 50 booking channels, but the main ones of interest for YesBookit clients are Airbnb, Agoda and C-Trip. Rentals United allow you to mark up prices per-channel and per-property, and they charge a flat monthly fee based on how many properties you have. Visit this article for more information about how to connect to Rentals United.

  • Bluetent - we have partnered with this awesome US-based business for two reasons. Firstly, they offer a full e-commerce platform including SEO services, SEM services, email marketing and more. But secondly, they now offer a channel management service called Boost which will let you connect to Airbnb. The difference between Bluetent Boost and Rentals United is that Bluetent charges a 5% commission on bookings rather than a flat monthly fee.

Rentals United is available through our Channel Management page, which you can find under the Tools menu in YesBookit. 

Please contact us if you have a Bluetent account you wish to integrate with.

If you're looking for a for a help article on how to manage existing connections using our channel management page, head here

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