Rentals United are a channel manager partner who have a large number of connections to bookings channels such as Airbnb, Agoda, Expedia and more. Before you connect your properties to Rentals United, you need to have a Rentals United account. To complete the steps below, you'll need your Rentals United login details handy.

You also need to be instantly bookable, have distribution-friendly rates and for most Rentals United channels you will need to have a payment gateway connected to YesBookit. Follow these links if you need help on those:
How to have distribution-friendly rates
How to enable instant bookings
How to get a payment gateway

Once you have a Rentals United account, connecting via YesBookit is easy.

Here's a short video to watch first, then step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1 - Visit the Channel Management page under the Tools menu in YesBookit.
Step 2 - Click "add" on The Rentals United card. This will take you to the page where you can open the channel connection.
Step 3 -  De-select any properties you do NOT want to feed to Rentals United. To do this, click on the green tick, which will turn to a grey tick. 

Step 4 -  Enter your Rentals United credentials into the box at the top and click "save". You're now ready to open the connection by clicking the green "Open channel" button.
Step 5 -  Click the "open channel" button at the top to commence the connection. It will take some time for your listings to be pushed through and/or mapped, but you should start to see them in your Rentals United dashboard.
Step 6 - Take some time to review the content of your properties including pricing, availability and contact your Rentals United account manager for more information or for help with Rentals United questions, or email  

If at any time you find that a property has not gone through to Rentals United, check the distribution logging area to see if there is a "fail" recorded next to that property. You find find the logs by clicking the "view logs" button when you are on the manage page for that channel:

If you see a red "fail" against a property, click the link in the right hand column, and it will show you a list of updates and which may have caused the failure. You can then improve that aspect of your listing and resend it to the channel. 

For more information on all aspects of channel management, please visit this article or contact the Support team.

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