Setting properties to be instantly bookable in YesBookit is easy, and it is our recommended method of taking bookings for those who want to make the most of distribution to thid party booking channels.

Generally speaking, instant confirmation provides travellers with a better booking experience, and it will improve your conversion rate on third party websites. This generally means you will be rewarded in sort order, and indeed some websites like require instant booking.

You can still set your terms and conditions in a way that allows you to cancel (and refund) if you find that the traveller intends to breach your house rules, so instant booking does not need to mean that you cannot do right by your owners.

Here's how to set your properties to instant booking.
If you have some properties that will allow guests to pay at the time of booking AND you have a payment gateway, you can enable this feature for a selected properties.

Go to Properties > Tariffs, click into the property you want to modify and on the next screen (as shown below) change the booking mode to "Online Bookings Allowed": 

Make sure you then click "Save Changes". You're done. That property can now be instantly booked on your YesBookit website, on Stayz and on any third party website you've connected to YesBookit in the Holiday Highway.

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