Cleaners can login with their username and password, select a date range to view departures and generate a departures list. 

How to login as a cleaner

  1. Go to 

  2. Enter agent ID

  3. Enter username and password. Username would be set by the agent in tools> staff and affiliates and a password email would be sent to the cleaner to select their own password. 

Generate cleaner duties

Under the 'cleaner duties' tab select a booking date range and under Date mode select from either arrival or departure listings. 

A cleaner can then choose which property they would like to show bookings for or select all properties. 

This search will then bring up all properties with bookings either arriving or departing in that time period.

A cleaner can then choose to 'print reports' which will give them specific cleaning duties for those properties.

Generate a cleaning list

  1. Under the 'cleaning lists' tab this page will appear and a cleaner can then select from the following options. This will list arrivals and departures for today and a number of days into the future.

2. Once they select this they will then be able to view the arrivals and departures         for that time period.

Generate Arrivals / Departures
Under the 'Arrivals/Departures' tab cleaners can select from the following options to view arrivals and departures. They can then email themselves a copy of arrivals and departures and this will show check-in and check-out times.

Check Availability
Under the 'availability' tab cleaners can view their properties availability calendar on a month-by-month basis as shown below.

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