If you have a payment gateway that supports credit card tokenisation then you can enable Card Saving which allows you to use the saved card for further payments. Note that the Saved Card will be automatically expired 14 days after the departure date in the booking.

The first step is to Enable Card Saving - see article here. Once that is done card saving will automatically be applied to any credit card payment, whether processed by a guest or a staff member.

A Saved Card will look like this in a booking:

Clicking on the Remove button will clear the saved card details:

To use a Saved Card to take a further payment click on Receive Payment:

The Receive Payment screen will default to the Saved Card method:

or you can manually select it from the drop down list:

Then Check Settings > Confirm Yes > Complete Receipt. The next screen will notify approve/declined as per usual.

The transaction log in the booking will show payment has been taken with a saved card.

Note: If you reverse a saved card payment in the booking, you will need to deal with the refund by logging into your payment gateway and refunding against the card.

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