Instant bookings provide great guest experience, but property managers need a way to be alerted to and review any new instant bookings to make sure everything is ready and in order. The "New Instant Bookings" screen is the easiest way to view and check off all recent instant bookings.

First, we should define what YesBookit thinks is an "instant" booking. Instant is essentially any booking that comes in and blocks the calendar, opposed to a "request" booking that leaves the calendar open until you make it pending or confirmed. To look at it another way, an instant booking is one where the guest thinks they've safely secured the property.

There are two elements to the instant booking alerts in your YesBookit admin:

  1. The instant booking flag, and

  2. The New Instant Booking screen.

Instant booking flag
In the top navigation area, to the right of the "Support" shortcut link, you'll see an alert area with a lightning bolt icon. This is where you'll be alerted to unseen instant bookings. The screen shot below shows where it is and how it looks when you have no unseen instant bookings:

When you have new instant bookings to review, this will turn blue, with a counter:

New Instant Booking screen
Clicking on the blue alert will take you to the New Instant Booking screen where you will see the bookings listed. You can view the summary of the booking on this screen including the cleaner assigned to the property. Bookings will say in this list until you mark them as "seen", which you can do on this page or in the "edit booking" screen.

Need to know who marked a booking as seen? The "previous changes" log for that booking will show which user marked the booking as seen, thereby removing it from the new instant booking screen:

Made a mistake? You can mark a booking as "unseen" on the edit booking page - making sure you save changes - which will return it to the New Instant Booking screen until actioned again.

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