In order to use tokenisation of credit cards – card saving – in YesBookit, there are a few steps you need to take. You need to agree to the terms associated with using saved cards, as we need to ensure that guest credit cards are used responsibly and only according to your agreement with the guest.

To enable card saving, go to Options > Settings and then to the Payment tab.

Towards the bottom, you will see a section called “Card Saving”. There are six steps required to be all set up and ready to go with card saving and tokenisation.

1. You must agree to the YesBookit terms for using card saving. Click the “here” link to bring the terms up in the modal window. These terms state that you’ll make it clear to guests how and when you will use their card, and that you will only use the saved cards as per this agreement with them.

2. Click “I accept” to accept the terms and return to the previous screen. The checkbox will now be ticked.

3. Enter the text that guests will agree to when they make their booking. This text will be inserted into your booking terms and conditions, and will form the basis of the ways in which you can charge the saved tokens. Try and be as specific in here as you can, such as noting the amounts you might charge for additional cleaning, or how you will calculate any damage charges, for instance. The guest will agree with these terms when they book, covering you for the usage according to these stated rules.

4. Then click the save icon to save the terms. This Card Saving Policy is now inserted into your terms, and can be edited in future in the Document Library.

5. You can now enable card saving by selecting “enabled” in the dropdown menu. You can disable card saving in the future by changing this back to “disabled”.

6. Click “save changes” to save these settings. You’re done! Card tokens are now being saved against all bookings where there is a credit card payment. For information on how card saving works against a booking, have a look at this help article.

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