You can use the Customise Guest Form option under Bookings to brand and customise your guest booking check-out pages.

Click on the arrows next to each heading to expand out each section 

1. Form Fields - this section allows you to choose the following:

  • the order in which the fields are displayed

  • which fields you want to display in the form

  • which fields are required (Note: fields that are always required are dimmed so they are not editable)

  • the field label text

  • the field placeholder text

2. Pricing Fields - this section allows you to show or hide pricing items

Hiding an item means it will be included as Rent.

The logo will display in the header and can be aligned to the left, right or centre of the header. Although you can upload any size image it will be resized to 100 x 100 pixels. Use the image slider to zoom in if required. You can also rotate the image clockwise or anti-clockwise by clicking on the Rotate images

4. Background Banner - add an image to the header

Upload a background image to the header. If you have uploaded a logo it will sit on top of this image

5. Options - turn options off or on and select a colour scheme

By default the property address and map as well as the header show in the form. 

  • Turn either option off if you don't want it to show.

  • Select a colour scheme that matches your branding

6. Analytics & Tracking - allows you to track guest activity inside the booking form

See link to Help article in this section for more details.

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