What to expect when managing your Stayz listings via YesBookit

YesBookIt will overwrite the following property data: 

  • Property Name

  • Description

  • Photos

  • Primary Area

  • All rates

  • All availability

  • Property Map

  • All Holiday Types

Once the connection is live the following pages will be blocked from access in the Stayz Owners Admin: 

  • All booking and availability pages

  • Pricing

  • Photos

  • Unaccepted Items

Your preparation before going live: 

  • Ensure you have all bookings received in Stayz as this page will be inaccessible

  • All photos must meet the minimum content criteria of 1920 x 1080

  • Property attributes have been selected in YesBookIt. NB Holiday Types in Stayz will be overwritten upon activation. To see how to enter Holiday Types in YesBookit read Mapping Holiday Types to Stayz.

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