What exactly will happen on the website end-of-life date of 31st July, 2022? What do I need to make sure I do before then?

  • Starting on 31st July, 2022, you will no longer be able to access your YesBookit powered website. It is vital that you have a new website ready to go before this date. You can see a list of Escapia website partners here.

What if I move to Escapia before 31st July, 2022?

  • Any YesBookit customer with a YesBookit website who moves to Escapia before that date won't need to get a new website straight away. We will continue to host YesBookit websites - running off Escapia - until the end-of-life date, at which time those customers will need to have a replacement website ready. Escapia integrates with a range of web companies including Newcastle-based Visita who build high-converting sites for holiday rentals. Any customer who leaves YesBookit for another system will need to find a replacement website solution at that time.

What if I want to make changes to my current YesBookit website?

  • YesBookit websites will not be worked on for any major changes or template upgrades. If you would like a new website design, you will need to engage with a web company to create a new site. Until end-of-life on the 31st July, 2022, you still have access to your Holiday Manager (CMS) to make small updates to your current website.

What about my domain name?

Got questions or need help deciding on your next step? Email info-au@escapia.com

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