End-of-Life Process Details

What exactly will happen on the YesBookit end-of-life date of 31st July, 2022? What do I need to make sure I do before then?

  • Starting on 31st July, 2022, you will no longer be able to access any parts of YesBookit. It is vital that you complete your migration to Escapia or another software platform before this date. Every migration timeline is different, so we encourage you to begin your migration by 1st April, 2022 at the latest to ensure ample time to transition. To help ensure you export the business data you need, we have compiled a list of key YesBookit reports to run before the end-of-life date.

How long do I have to complete my transition?

  • When we announced the new, consolidated software strategy in July 2019, we committed to providing our customers at least two years from that announcement to transition to a new software solution. 31st July, 2022, includes that two years plus an additional 12 months, to give our customers even more time to move to Escapia or another solution that is right for their business.

Can I call into support with questions about YesBookit after the end of life date?

  • We will continue to support YesBookit up until the end of life date of 31st July, 2022. Beyond that date, we will no longer provide access to YesBookit, and support teams will no longer be available for questions — regardless of whether you migrate to Escapia or another software solution.

Will you still fix any big issues in YesBookit that pop up before the end-of-life date?

  • We will continue to fix major YesBookit issues, including unexpected downtime, up until the end of life date of 31st July, 2022. There may be some features that need to be deprecated as we approach the end-of-life date and we will communicate with you about that if that is needed.

What about my YesBookit website, what happens with that?

  • Any YesBookit customer with a YesBookit website who moves to Escapia won't need to get a new website straight away. We will continue to host YesBookit websites - running off Escapia - until the end-of-life date, at which time those customers will need to have a replacement website ready. Escapia integrates with a range of web companies including Newcastle-based Visita who build high-converting sites for holiday rentals. Any customer who leaves YesBookit for another system will need to find a replacement website solution at that time. Check out our Website FAQs here.

What if I want to make changes to my current YesBookit website?

  • YesBookit websites will not be worked on for any major changes or template upgrades. If you would like a new website design, you will need to engage with a web company to create a new site. Until end-of-life on the 31st July, 2022, you still have access to your Holiday Manager (CMS) to make small updates to your current website.

What are some reasons to move off of YesBookit sooner rather than later?

  • Aside from major bug fixes, there will be no new functionality added to YesBookit software. All resources are now devoted to enhancing Escapia. The sooner you migrate over, the sooner you can start taking advantage of Escapia’s innovative new features like the Performance Dashboard and Opportunities Hub.

Escapia and Other Software Options

Where can I see a demo of Escapia?

  • The “Explore Escapia” section of our YesBookit Customer Resources Page includes product demos and additional information on Escapia. We encourage our customers to review these videos first, as they provide a comprehensive overview of the software. For a deeper dive into additional functionality or specific questions about how your business will run on Escapia, please contact us to schedule a follow-up conversation or demo.

How much does Escapia cost?

  • Your Escapia pricing will be based on your current monthly billing for YesBookit, using a discount from the full Escapia pricing. This discount will apply until the end of December 2021, at which time the discount will expire and the usual Escapia Australia pricing will begin.

What happens with my YesBookit billing?

  • Your YesBookit billing is transitioned to Escapia billing the month you sign your Escapia contract. You will not receive YesBookit usage-based billing from that point. Charges for domain name management, SSL certificates and email hosting will still be charged from YesBookit. You will need to transfer these services to a new provider before your YesBookit powered website is turned off.

There are still some feature gaps between YesBookit and Escapia. Will you be filling those gaps in the future?

  • With our focused investment in Escapia, we have been able to fill the gaps from YesBookit that are most valuable to customers, including Lockoffs, Fees By Channel, and Automated Correspondence. We are aware of other YesBookit features that are not currently available in Escapia, and we may address some of these features in future development. However, our resources are now devoted to larger projects like enhancing rate management and credit card integrations. It is unlikely that we’ll fill additional features gaps by the time we reach the YesBookit end of life date, so we encourage you to base your decision on whether or not to move to Escapia on what features are in the product today.

With everything happening in our industry, should I be worried about the future of Escapia?

  • Escapia isn’t going anywhere. When we announced the new, focused investment in Escapia, we committed to delivering innovation to you faster — and that’s exactly what we’re delivering. At Rezfest 2019, our team unveiled Escapia’s all-new Performance Dashboard, Opportunities Hub, and modernised user-interface. That momentum continued with our 2020 Escapia product enhancements, including Automated Correspondence, Fees by Channel, and many others. As part of Expedia Group, we benefit from continued investment in the company and look forward to bringing more and more innovation to property management software in the years to come. As the travel industry adapts to the new COVID-19 landscape, vacation rentals are a vital part of the Expedia Group portfolio. So Escapia’s relationship with professional property managers remains a major asset to the future of our company.

Preparing for a Move to Escapia

Where can I explore new features that have been added to Escapia?

  • We're launching new features faster than ever! Check out the “What’s New in Escapia” page to see what you may have missed since your last demo; it is updated regularly as new features are released.

I'm anxious about moving to Escapia. What will the transition process look like and how can I prepare?

  • For more information on moving to Escapia, please see our YesBookit to Escapia implementation walkthrough. Our dedicated implementation team is here to support you every step of the way — they’ll reach out when your implementation start month begins to schedule a welcome call with you and your team!

What is the absolute last day that I can start my transition to Escapia?

  • The migration to Escapia takes an average of 12 to 16 weeks. In order to have enough time to be fully trained and using Escapia before the 31st July, 2022 end-of-life date, we recommend you schedule your implementation to begin no later than April 2022. Please contact us to secure your spot.

How much time and people-power should I budget for my transition?

  • Our training program typically takes 12-16 weeks, including three phone calls and up to eleven training classes. The classes are usually scheduled once per week, two hours per class. However, your Mobile Hospitality setup classes will occur over the same weeks as your Accounting classes.

Is Escapia still offering in-person training? I want you to come to my office.

  • Escapia and YesBookit no longer offer in-person training. With advances in teleconference technology over the last several years, we’ve found that we can more effectively train your team virtually. The improved, distance-learning process extends the training timeline so we can get deeper into the software with your team. That means more time to learn the system, absorb training and information, complete tasks, and ask questions.

Contact Information

I still have questions. Who can I speak to?

Please send your questions to info-au@escapia.com

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