Option 1. Locate all properties

  1. Go to Properties > Locations

  2. Select the correct location map for each property from the drop-down list beside each listing

  3. Click on Update Property Locations

  4. Properties that have been successfully located will display their latitude and longitude

  5. Where the latitude and longitude does not display this means Google does not know the location of the property and so the property will need to be located via Option 2

Option 2. Locate individual properties

  1. Go to Properties > Attributes and click on the property name to edit

  2. Click on the Location button

  3. Select the correct map from the drop-down list

  4. Use the Locate button next to the address to locate the property on the map or manually drag and drop the marker to the correct position

Troubleshooting: If the map does not display refer to the notes Area Maps

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