The transition to Escapia has had a very strong start, with onboarding slots being snapped up quickly. We're more excited than ever about what Escapia offers, and the pace of the delivery of new features. To make sure you secure a transition slot that works for you, it is important to plan ahead and sign up sooner rather than later.

Features Promised and Delivered

The Escapia development team has been busy building and releasing new features. While it is clear that Escapia is a more robust and fully featured product, we also recognised there were some features that YesBookit customers told us were important for their business here in Australia and New Zealand. In the last month alone, we've released:

* Scheduled and automated emails, even more powerful than those in YesBookit
* A "fees by channel" feature that mirrors the YesBookit rate mark-up tool
* Improved cancellation and other reporting to help you in the world of COVID-19

Schedule Your Transition

With limited transition slots available over the next 18 months, it's essential for you to confirm the date you want to commence and sign a contract to secure it. Slots this year are already filled up until August, so do not delay speaking with us if you would like to get started in the next few months.

Join the Escapia Discussion

We have a huge range of Escapia resources online, to give you the information you need to be confident you are making the very best decision for your business. Talk to our YesBookit/Escapia teams, view the videos on the Escapia page in YesBookit, or click below to schedule a demonstration. Now is the time to research and make the move forward for your team and your business.

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