If you are seeing a timeout connection error when you are updating a booking or trying to link a booking to the back office this article may help your IT person troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Timeout errors occur where YesBookit has an HTTP connection to a back-office or accounting system like Console Gateway, Rockend REST or Surfway Realpro, and when it is not returned a response from the back office system when it tries to communicate.


A timeout error is different from other errors that may occur when YesBookit attempts to update a back office booking and for various reasons is not able to do this successfully - a timeout specifically relates to an issue on the network which is preventing YesBookit from reaching the back office at all.

 Typically, a timeout error means something has changed on your network and it will require your IT person to investigate and resolve the issue.

Examples of things that may have changed:

  • External IP Address of the network

  • Router has lost its port forwarding settings

  • Server has had new virus protection software or some other upgrade which has not been configured to create an exception for YBI to access the server

  • Server machine may be new or changed to a different address on the network

YesBookit requires a static IP address on the network so that the connection can remain in place. If you change your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or you lose the static IP address the external IP address will change.


The first step before contacting your IT person is to check your external IP address. You can do this this via a site like http://whatsmyip.org

Verify this is the same as the IP address in the Interface field via Options > Settings > General tab.

If it is the same then the IP address can be ruled out as something that has changed, so you will need to contact your IT person to check the router settings for port forwarding and check the server for firewalls or other changes that would prevent YBI from accessing the back-office software.

If the IP address is different to the one in the interface URL, try updating the interface URL with the new IP address as this may well resolve the issue. If it doesn’t then it’s over to your IT person to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. 

The YesBookit support team is happy to explain this in more detail to them if required.

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