Whenever you cancel a booking you are required to select a cancellation reason from a pre-populated drop down list.

You are able to run a report of these cancellation reasons and apply filters to select the date period, specific properties, locations and booking channels.

Go to Reports > Cancellation Reasons

Report Basis: select whether you want to view cancelled bookings across a date range based on either Booking Date or Cancellation Date
Date Range: select the date range you require
Location: optionally select a specific location or locations - default is All
Properties: optionally select a specific property or group of properties - default is All
Channels: optionally select a specific channel or channels - default is All

Click on Generate Report to display the report on the screen, or click on Export to CSV if you want to save the report as an Excel spreadsheet.

Note: the gray box under each column header is a search field and allows you to further filter the results.

For example, typing COVID-19 in the box under the column header 'Cancellation Reason' will return all the bookings in the report that have this as the cancellation reason.

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