The automated payment reminder feature allows you to 'set and forget' reminder emails for payments about to become due, but it doesn't deal with payments that are overdue and outstanding. The Payment Arrears report is used for this and allows you to keep on top of outstanding payments by providing visual cues for any overdue payments as well as a bulk action tool to instantly email payment reminders or cancellation emails to multiple guests.

Go to Reports > Payment Arrears to generate the report:

By default, the report displays in Status order - from the most urgent down, but there are a number of filters available to change what is displayed.

  1. Date Range and Date Mode - enter date range and date mode to see payments due across the selected dates. Optionally include past or departed bookings or Request bookings

  2. User - who or where the booking was made

  3. Property - selected properties

  4. Location - selected locations 

Additionally, each of the column headings can be clicked on to change the Sort order based on the particular column, for example clicking on Arrival Date will sort on arrival date from newest to oldest by default, clicking again will sort on oldest to newest.

Content can be entered into the grey fields beneath the column headings to search for specific info, for example a guest name, a booking total, an amount received:

To generate reminder or cancellation emails tick the boxes on the left of the bookings, scroll to the bottom of the table and select Send Payment Reminders or Cancel Bookings > Update items

This will send the emails and log the action Email Sent in the individual booking. The email can also be found in the Email Outbox.

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