Q: Have you trialled this in Australia as yet with any existing YesBookit clients, and if so, what was the feedback?
A: We’re working with test and trial customers in Australia and feedback is very positive so far. There is also an existing medium-large customer in New Zealand who has been using Escapia for about 8 years.

Q: What do you have that is better than your competition?
A: Robust, accurate trust accounting based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; Enterprise-class support, with expanding hours based on a combined US/AU workforce; and a robust set of APIs with a long list of integration partners. Also arriving in ANZ in March is built-in revenue management and market intelligence leveraging the data available through the Vrbo network of sites.

Q: What does YesBookit or V12 have that Escapia does not at this time? What are the primary differences between the two systems?
A: We have identified several features in V12 that are not present in Escapia, such as the group functionality or timeshare/fractional contract management. Besides these, however, Escapia is a full-featured and robust platform that accomplishes most all of the same functions, albeit perhaps in a slightly different way.

Q: Is it compliant with NSW trust account laws?
A: We have engaged an external advisor to do a full audit of Escapia and to help us be sure that Escapia will be compliant with all Australian and New Zealand trust accounting regulations.

Q: Will my properties experience any downtime during the transition from YesBookit to Escapia?
A: HomeAway/Stayz listings should not have any downtime. Hours at most.
YesBookit website cut overs should be a similar situation.
Distributed listings to Rentals United or Bluetent may be different and you should speak with them primarily. From our communications with these companies however, their goal is no downtime.

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