Q: Can Escapia cope with longer bookings and take multiple fortnightly rent payments? For bookings just under 6 months.
A: Depending on how you’re paying your owners, you may want to either structure this as one single booking for the entire stay, with a deposit policy set up with a payment every 14 nights; OR you can set this up as a reservation with multiple bookings based on when you’re processing revenue to the owner.

Q: For the longer lease - will there be reports showing arrears for the longer booking?
A: For reservations in Escapia utilizing multiple bookings like a long-term lease (monthly lease periods, or fortnightly payment schedule), the Deposit Policy will determine when payments are due, and overdue payments will show in reports or in Automated Payments.

Q: Can we send owner booking confirmations directly from Escapia?
A: Yes! Today, these are created via Send Correspondence, and we are building out automation templates to automate owner booking confirmations in the very near future.

Q: Can you stipulate specific days that properties can or can not be booked e.g arrivals only on a Saturday in December?
A: Yes! This is part of the pricing plan setup when you specify restrictions for a pricing rule, e.g. the rule will only apply, and subsequently produce pricing, if the stay dates fall in December and the arrival date is strictly Saturday.

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