Q: What is involved in the transition?
A: We have a full team of transition specialists who will take you through each stage of the process. This will include upfront discovery of all your business needs, resources for training and support and assistance all the way through. You should allow about 12 weeks to “go-live” and then there is about 4 weeks of post-launch training ahead of your first end-of-month.

Q: Is there a way of importing everything from our current YesBookit setup directly into Escapia?
A: The YesBookit/Escapia teams have built migration tools to make transitioning from one platform to the other quicker and easier for you. While there will still be some work you need to do to get set up with Escapia, we will provide bulk upload options where we can for things like properties, images, forward bookings and owner contact details.

Q: Will existing bookings be transferred automatically to new platform?
A: We will import all of your forward bookings, plus 12 months historical bookings into Escapia.

Q: How easy is it to transition over from YesBookit?
A: We acknowledge that transitioning from one software platform to another is challenging, however we aim to make the move as simple as possible by handling most of the data migration “heavy lifting” for you, whether programmatically or via our implementation team.

Q: What training is going to be provided to new clients when they make the switch?
A: For transition & implementation, remote training, data migration and support will be included at no cost.

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