Q: Does Escapia integrate with Console and Rentals United?
A: As Escapia has it's own in built trust accounting it does not integrate with other programs like Console or Rockend. Escapia does integrate with Rentals United.

Q: How will it affect my Rentals United channel management to booking.com and Airbnb?
It won’t! Rentals United is also a channel partner with Escpaia and has been for years. Once your data is set up in Escapia, you will let Rentals United know and they will pull that data from ESC vs YesBookit to populate unit information (descriptions, rates, rules, images, photos) into Rentals United to rebuild your listings on their site.

Q: I use 2 payment gateways Securepay and Stripe. Are these supported so payments go in automatically?
A: We will integrate with SecurePay but do not have plans to do so with Stripe.
Click here for more information on payment gateways.

Q: What is the connectivity with OTA's and other pertinent software like Point Central and Beyond Pricing?
A: Escapia currently connects to a very long list of integration partners, including OTAs, channel managers, and business partners like PointCentral and Beyond Pricing.

Q: Will Escapia link directly with Airbnb?
A: No, as with YesBookit, you will need to connect via a channel manager like Rentals United.

Q: Will information between Escapia and Rentals United flow without issue?
A: Escapia does have a full integration with Rentals United so you can continue to use that as your channel manager.

Q: Will it be able to scrape previous trust data from the likes or Rockend Rest?
A: We will be bringing across 12 months historical and all future reservations during the implementation process and your setup.

Q: Do you have an Open API?
A: Escapia’s APIs are much richer than those of YesBookit, and the list of integration partners is much longer. Any third party software that wishes to integrate with Escapia just needs to contact our integration team to get access to the API.

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