Q: Can Escapia attach invoices to owner statements?
A: Invoices cannot be attached directly to an owner statement, but they can be uploaded to the Owner Portal.

Q: Can we continue use our trust accounting software - REST?
A: Escapia is, at its core, a full trust accounting system. We do not have plans to integrate Escapia with a third party accounting system like REST, however most Escapia customers will use Escapia for their trust accounting, and MYOB or Xero for operating accounting and sales.

Q: Will Escapia integrate with Console?
A: No, Escapia has in built trust accounting so does not need to integrate with other accounting programs such as Console or Rockend.

Q: Can we export ABA files to the bank for disbursements?
A: Yes! We are in the process of finalizing ABA file creation from Escapia for the AU market.

Q: Can we manage reservation fees specific to different branches given we have multiple ones?
A: Guest-facing add-on charges can be associated with the entire business, groups of units, or individual units. Owner-facing contract charges are set on a per-contract basis.

Q: Are payment types pre-set, or are we able to create our own for reporting purposes? For example, by cc type (Visa, MC), or inntopia payments if we separate payments made through that platform from guests over the phone.
A: Payment types are pre-set for Escapia, however customers can configure Folio Credit and Folio Charge journal document templates. These can be used in cases where a customer receives a lump sum payment of $40,000 from Airbnb that needs to be separated across five $8,000 reservations. The customer will post the $40,000 deposit to trust in Escapia so that it can be reconciled, then use folio credits to spread that amount out amongst the individual reservations. The specific use case asked by the customer may or may not be accomplished with folio debits/charges.

Q: Can you change commission for just one booking?
A: Yes! When a reservation is booked, it calculates the default Contract Charges on the Booking based on the Owner Contract setup. However, if there is a need to change the commission or other owner fee values on a one-off basis, you can simply use the Override function on the booking's Contract Charges section to add/remove/update those amounts.

Q: Can you payout creditors/technicians each week ie. not just EOM?
A: Yes! Many of those accounting tasks like paying guest refunds, paying owners, paying vendors are broadly classified as "Month End" tasks for ease of reference and training purposes, however you can run those tasks as often as you'd like, even multiple times per day.

Q: Credit Card Fees & Portal Fees - how these are managed?
A: Escapia can generate credit card fees when a credit card is used for a payment, however these fees are currently assessed to the business and/or the owner (depending on Owner Contract settings). It's worth noting that the credit card fee amount is a fixed amount in Escapia, not the merchant service processor's rate for that particular transaction (e.g. AMEX may differ from VISA).
For OTA fees, these can be handled via the Travel Agent functionality in Escapia. Adding a Travel Agent to a reservation in Escapia creates a payable from the business to the agent based on the commission value and calculation method defined on the Travel Agent contact. The customer can also set up the Owner Contract to pass part or all of this Travel Agent commission charge on to the owner.

Q: Does Escapia allow you to roll over EOM with Owners in Debit (with $ owed to management), rather than requiring a zero balance?
A: Yes it will allow you.

Q: Does Escapia have the ability to store credit card information securely? Aside from the credit card used for payment?
A: You can associate multiple credit card payment accounts with a guest contact record in Escapia. Credit cards entered in Escapia are tokenized, and the card details encrypted and securely stored in a PCI compliant "payment island". The only card number details that remain in Escapia are the credit card token and the last 4 digits of the credit card.

Q: Does our business need to open a new separate trust account for Escapia?
A: If you do not currently have a separate trust account for Escapia, you’ll want to have a separate trust account that you can reconcile within Escapia to run the trust accounting properly. If you already have a separate trust account, you can use that account, or you can open a new account so that when transferring payments received + security deposits on hand + owner balances, you’ll be able to reconcile your starting balance right away from day one.

Q: How are portal fees & credit card fees handled?
A: Travel agent charges and credit card charges can currently be passed on to the owner, either in part or full, as a contract charge.

Q: We currently disburse our owners deposits in the same month the money is received...are we still able to do this?
A: Yes, Escapia supports revenue processing in full. Eg first night, last night. Also payment method can be fully configured.

Q: When will the trust be ready for use inline with OFT guidelines?
A: We’re completing the last changes required for local trust accounting regulations then our external advisor will complete their certification of Escapia. It will be fully compliant before we allow any AU customers to go live.

Q: Will guest be able to make Direct Deposit part payments on their booking?
A: Escapia will allow you to post cash or credit card payments to a reservation. Today, we have the “Check” payment posting method in Escapia, and we are adding Direct Deposit for YesBookit customers.

Q: Are work orders issued to creditors from Escapia or do we need to do this from our current systems?
A: The payable to the vendor is issued to the creditor from Escapia via an ABA bank file export.

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