Q: Will I lose any features?
A: Escapia essentially has more features than your YesBookit system so you should expect to gain, rather than lose. While not all the exact features of YesBookit will exist in Escapia, your processes and day to day activities will be able to be completed in the Escapia system.

Q: Does Escapia offer any form of key tracking?
A: Escapia has basic key tracking that can be used at check-in and check-out, e.g. "2 keys were handed out", and then "2 keys were returned".

Q: Group Component?
A: Escapia does not have support for group reservations, like corporate/group blocks, rooming lists, wholesale rates, etc.

Q: Really interested in the platforms for messaging owners and guests (ie email and sms templates)
A: You will have seen some of the correspondence templates during the demo, and the way the Glad To Have You app can be used for guest notifications. We do not have SMS capability now, but it is on our list to develop.

Q: Will there be SMS?
A: SMS missed the cut for this development round but it is on the roadmap for 2020

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