SecurePay: As our most commonly-used Gateway. Integration near completion.

eWay and Paystation: integrations are are scheduled for late 2020. YesBookit customers using eWay or Paystation should consider switching to SecurePay to avoid any delays with their transition.

ECpay: An integration with this new payment solution is also scheduled for next year.

Q: Do we need to maintain our payment gateway ie: SecurePay?
A: Yes, you will need to maintain SecurePay or one of the other payment gateway options listed above.

Q: We use Xero - how will that integrate?
A: We would encourage our customers to use Escapia for their trust accounting and Xero for their operating accounting. The only information being passed from Escapia to Xero are funds that are being paid from Trust to Operating, e.g. business income and/or expenses.

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