Q. Why do I see bookings or users with GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European data privacy regulation designed to take care of people’s private data, like names, date of birth and so on, when it's stored in computer systems like YesBookit.

In particular, the laws state that any personal information which has not been accessed for 7 or 10 years or more must be hidden, or deleted. 

To be compliant with this law, we have changed any old personal data and replaced the personal bits with GDPR.

Q. What data is affected?

We have detailed it below – but at a high level any personal identifiable data like names, phone numbers, addresses and the like.

Q. Does this mean all my data from before 2012 is gone?

No. No data has been deleted – only the personal data has been replaced. Information like booking dates, prices, tariffs and property data has not been touched.

Q. So what has been changed?

All users who have not logged in for more than 7 years have had their details cleared and replaced with GDPR.

All bookings at least 10 years old have had the following fields changed:

Q. Is this a regular thing?

Yes – we have a routine that runs daily checking to see if any new records meet the requirements.

Q. But we aren’t in Europe?

Yes – however any business that has customers who normally reside in Europe must comply with these data regulations, so we have done this work to help you be compliant. Additionally, Yesbookit is part of Expedia Group, and across all of Expedia Group we want to provide best practice data privacy and security for all our Guests, Property Managers and Owners.

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