If you see that you have a property on your YesBookit powered website that does not have a review button then you need to follow these steps below.

Your website reviews are linked to your HomeAway account, this means to have reviews enabled on your YesBookit powered website the HomeAway property ID needs to be added in YesBookit.

We have now given you access to add these ID's in yourself. Once the ID is added in reviews will be enabled.

  1. Login to your HomeAway dashboard and find/copy the HomeAway ID for the property in question. It is 7 digits long.

  2. To add the ID to YesBookit go to > Tools > Content Management > Find the correct property > Edit > HomeAway I.D > Save changes > Update Website.

*** Please keep in mind this is only for YesBookit powered websites and will not work for websites that are not powered by YesBookit ***

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