The HomeAway website has no option for a credit card fee to be charged which means you may be out of pocket for those fees if the guest pays at the time of booking. 

As a work-around you can add a percentage onto your rates using the mark-up tool in the channel management area to help you to cover all costs associated with bookings and payments. However if you don't take payment at the time of booking it will cause the fees to be charged twice - once as part of the overall mark-up of the booking price, and secondly as a credit card fee if you process the card at a later date.

You must also warn the traveller that they'll be charged a processing fee for those payments taken not on the day of the booking.

Answer the following questions to decide whether or not to include your credit card charges in the rates mark-up.

Will payment be required at the time of booking? YES/NO

If NO, you should NOT add your credit card fee to the rates mark-up.
If YES, continue reading below to check which option applies.

Will the deposit only be required at the time of booking? YES/NO

If YES, we'd suggest you talk to one of the YesBookit Support team to discuss the best option.
If NO, and you require payment in full at the time of booking then it makes sense for you to add a percentage to to the rate mark-up to help recover the costs associated with taking bookings and payments.

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