Uploading Documents

  1. Save all property documents off as PDFs.  
    Do NOT upload files that have spaces in the file name.

  2. Log into the Holiday Manager > Website Content > Pages > Add a Page for the documents to be loaded into and make sure the page is set to Active.

  3. In the new page list all the properties that have individual documents

  4. Highlight the heading > click on the chain link in the editor settings (this is to the right of the text justification icons) > when the Link box comes up, click on Browser Server.

  5. Choose and Upload the PDF

  1. In YesBookit go to Properties > Tariffs > modify property

  2. Click on Toggle Notes to display the notes fields

  3. In the Notes: Email area, type the wording that you want inserted into the guest email.

  4. Open the holiday website page that has the links in it and click on the property's link to load the PDF

  5. Copy the documents full URL

  6. Highlight the words in the Email field that you want to turn into the link to the document

  7. Click on the chain link icon (Insert/Edit Link) in the settings

  8. Paste in the document URL > OK

Adding the Email Notes field insert to the email template

  1. Go to Tools > Email Library > Select the email template.

  2. Place the cursor where you want the Email field information to be inserted into the document.

  3. Click on YBI Inserts > Booking Fields > Add the Booking - Property Email Note (-emailnote-) insert.

  4. Save Changes

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