There are five key steps to opening the connection to HomeAway:

  1. Go to the HomeAway channel management page in YesBookit

  2. Select your HomeAway cancellation policy

  3. Add an optional rate mark-up

  4. Save the connection

  5. Open the connection

Go to the HomeAway Channel Management page  
Under Tools > Channel Management, click "Add" on the HomeAway card.

Select your HomeAway cancellation policy
Simply select the policy you want by clicking in the appropriate radio button, eg “Strict” or “Firm”:

Add an optional rate mark-up
Add your desired mark-up to cover:

  1. The HomeAway commission of 3.3%, and

  2. Your card processing fees, eg for your payment gateway

NOTE - YesBookit has a handy calculator to figure out what this percentage should be, so contact us if you need help at this point. The above mark-up of 3.42%, for example is to cover just the 3.3% HomeAway commission.

Save the settings
Click the “Save” button, which saves these settings to your HomeAway configuration:

Open the connection to HomeAway
Click the “Open channel” button, which takes your settings you’ve saved, applies them to the channel connection, and sends your properties to HomeAway to be created in the HomeAway PM dash:

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