What are Request Bookings?

Request bookings are bookings that have been made on your holiday website or a third party holiday rental site and where the guest has not paid any money against the booking. Because they are booking requests, not confirmed bookings they do NOT block out the availability calendar.

How to process a Request booking

  1. Click on the green Requests box which will be flashing if a Request booking is waiting to be processed.

  2. Any bookings awaiting action will be displayed on this page.

  3. Click on the Edit button next to the Request booking you want to process.

  4. If there are any particular conditions relevant to the requested period, click on the Notes Email SMS tab and outline them in the Email message to Guest. Do not include any salutations etc as this note appears as a paragraph inside the standard email they will receive.

  5. Click on the Pricing tab to check prices and due dates. Make any required changes and then change the mode to Pending and click on Save Changes. The guest will automatically be notified by email of the price, terms and other relevant information that you have included in the email template.

  6. Changing the mode to Pending and Saving Changes will remove the booking from the Consultant Home page.

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