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Go to Tools > Email Library > Manage Themes > Create New Theme > Select a Theme

YesBookit currently offers a number of themes which you can customise yourself by clicking on Select a Theme for the template. Alternatively you may create your own by clicking on Custom Theme.

You can give your Theme a Name and a Description. It is not recommended to have 2 Templates that have the same name. You may also copy Theme which can be useful for Holiday themed email templates. Save the Theme before you begin editing.


Before you start using your Theme with any Emails, you must ensure that the following code exists in the body: -YBI_CONTENT-

This is where YesBookit will fill in the Theme with the body of your existing Emails sent by the system. Regular YesBookit Document Inserts can be used inside of the Email Template.

Insert your logo

  1. Upload your logo via Tools > Image & PDF library

  2. Click on your logo here so it is highlighted > click on the Image icon in the editing tools

  1. In the Image Properties box click on Image Library tab and select the logo > OK

This will insert your logo into the logo area.

Changing Template Colours

After saving a template, or when editing it you can easily change any colours in it by using our quick colour changer.

For example: To change all instances of the blue colour to pink, just click on the blue box and select pink and click OK.



After you have an Email Theme saved you can link Emails to use it.

Any Emails you have linked to the Theme will then show up in the Email Themes as well. Please note this does not include Emails that are assigned to the Default Theme.

Linking Email to a Template

Go to Tools > Email Library

Select an Email to Edit and click on the Edit button.

Here you can choose to link an Email to the Template marked as Default, to an existing Template of yours, or to no Template all (existing functionality).

Note: If you choose the Default Template and there is no Default set, then it will go back to using no Template at all.

You can also set a default Subject for different Emails. These subjects support most of the regular YesBookit Document Inserts. Leaving the Subject field blank will default to using the system generated subject.

Previewing and Testing an Email with a Template

Clicking on the Preview button for an Email will take you to a new window where you can see a generated HTML preview of your Email.

Note: Most Email Clients (Outlook, Apple iPhone, Gmail, Apple iPad etc.)  do not display HTML Emails as well as your Browser does, so it is highly recommended that you send yourself a Test Email and check a variety of different email clients.

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