Property managers can automatically generate emails to all or selected Owners from the Owners Management area. There are 4 general templates that can be used for a range of notifications such as newsletters or reports, 1 initial notification template designed to provide login details and instructions for owners and 1 guest booking notification and 1 owner booking notification template.

NOTE: Please check that Owner email addresses are valid and current before sending emails!

 Prior to use the templates need to be formatted in the Email Library which is found under Tools.

To format the templates:

  1. Go to Tools > Email Library

  2. Select an Owner Email template to edit, for example Owner Email - Initial Notification

  3. Format the document by customising the text, adding images and fields if required (Fields relevant to Owners can be inserted via the YBI Inserts button in the document editor)

  4. Click on Save Document when completed

To generate an email to Owners:

  1. Go to Users > Owners

  2. Select all Owners by clicking on All at the bottom of the Email column, or select individual Owners by checking the Email box to the right of the Owner

  3. Once you have selected the Owners click on the Email button and select the required template from the pull-down menu. (You may View or Edit the template by clicking on the appropriate link)

  4. Enter the subject of the email in the Subject field and a brief description of the email in the Description field (used in email history)

  5. Click on Send Email to Owners to preview the list of the selected owners

  6. Confirm the email merge and send the emails by clicking on Send Email to Owners.

To view the email history of an Owner:

  1. From Users > Owners click on the Email button

  2. Select the Owner from the pull-down menu and click Search

  3. A list of all email notifications in chronological order will display under the following headers: Date, Subject, Description, Template, Owners

  4. Clicking on an item in the list will display the details of the notification including a list of owners who received the notification.


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