The Extras Report in YesBookit generates a report for each of the Extras Categories. This report can be emailed to the supplier or printed out for in-house use. By default the report will identify requirements for 2 days in advance of today’s date. By selecting today or tomorrow’s dates on the calendar, requirements from late bookings can be found and passed onto to the supplier.

The following information is contained in the reports:

  • Arrival Date

  • Departure Date

  • Number of Nights

  • Property Address

  • Property Location

  • Property Key No

  • Guest’s First Name

  • Guest’s Surname

  • Items Required

  • Special Requests

  • Price

  • Number of bookings requiring Extras from total number of Arrivals for the date selected.

To generate a report:

  1.  Go to Reports > Extras Required.

  2.  Either use the default date selected (2 days from today) or click on the required date on the calendar. (You may select to view an Arrival date in the past)

  3. Select the required Extras Category from the pull-down list.

  4. Optionally select Include Pending

  5. If Report Only is required, select Show All.

  6. If the report is to be emailed to the supplier select Send Email, select cc if required, and enter the Recipient’s Name and Email Address in the fields provided.

  7. Click on Proceed.

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