It is a requirement of Google that all websites are secured by encryption. This means that a security certificate needs to be installed on your website. After this your website will display as secure with HTTPS:// in the URL. 

YesBookit has become an SSL reseller so that we can make this process as pain free as possible for you.

The first step is to select the right SSL certificate for your website. 

SSL Certificate - $99 plus GST for 2 years

If you have just the one holiday website domain to secure, then this is the certificate for you. 

Wildcard SSL Certificate - $399 plus GST for 2 years

If you have a main domain and multiple subdomains in use, they all need to be covered by a Wildcard SSL certificate.
An example of this is: - main website - additional subdomain in use - additional subdomain in use

Extended Validation SSL Certificate - $399 plus GST for 2 years

This certificate involves a thorough verification of your business which requires a lot of input on your end and takes a lot longer than the standard SSL certificate above to implement. After the certificate is installed the business name will display in green in the URL bar, which adds authentication to the website.
Note: Chrome has announced that in future updates this section will not display.

Once you have decided which certificate best suits your business, please email with the following information and we will begin the process. We will invoice you once the certificate installation is complete. 

SSL Certificate Type

Standard SSL Certificate - $99 plus GST for 2 years

Wildcard SSL Certificate - $399 plus GST for 2 years

Extended Validation SSL Certificate - $399 plus GST for 2 years

CSR File Details

Please email the information below so that we can create a CSR file on your behalf as part of the SSL certificate verification.

Country Name (2 letter code):

State or Province Name (full name):

Locality Name (eg, city):

Organization Name (eg, company):

Organizational Unit Name (eg, section):

Domain Name (your website):

Email Address:

There are a number of different types of security certificates available, so if you have had a recommendation to purchase a different one, please contact us at and we will let you know the options available through our reseller account.
Alternatively, you can purchase the certificate through another provider, but keep in mind that the verification process can be complicated and time-consuming. 

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