YesBookit has had an agreement with the ATDW that has allowed us to display ATDW fed area information on YesBookit powered websites.
The ATDW now requires tourism websites to have direct agreements with them in order to display their information.
If you do not engage in a contract with the ATDW, we will be removing all ATDW feeds before 19th October 2018.
You can find more information here

Checking your website pages for ATDW feeds

ATDW feeds area information so check the local area pages on your website;
Attractions, Events, Tours, your website Visitor Information pages. 

The area listings will display similar to above and will include the following wording at the bottom of the page:
The above content is distributed by the ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse).

Checking website pages internally and updating content

From YesBookit > Tools > Content Management > Website Content > Pages > edit a page.
If the page is displaying information that is being fed from the ATDW there will be an insert similar to the one below present: 

If you do not choose to engage in an agreement with the ATDW, it is the perfect time to invest some time into your website by adding your own unique content to the area pages. You can specialise the information for your guests as you are the experts on the area, and what your guests are looking for.
For more support regarding updating website content check out the Holiday Websites support articles

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