Logging On

  1. Go to http://login.yesbookit.com (Alternatively your agent may have given you instructions to log on via a link on their own accommodation website)

  2. Enter your Agent ID (NB: Your agent will be able to provide the Agent ID plus your Username and Password.) and click on Proceed.

  3. This will take you to a login page where you enter your Username and password. NB. Username and Password are case sensitive

  4. Click on Login.

  5. If your Contact Details display when you first login you will need to enter your details and click on Update My Details then click on the Home icon before you can access the other features.

  6. Once logged in, you will be in your own section and will be able to make and edit your own bookings, check the availability of the property, and also see all the bookings made against it.

Making an Owner Booking

  1. Click on Availability/Book to see your property(ie's) availability calendar. If you have more than one property you will be able to compare availability across your properties.

  1. Click on Book

  2. Select the arrival and departure dates you require by clicking on the calendar and then click on the Bookit button. From here your booking form is displayed.

  3. Check the details are correct, select whether a cleaner is required or not, confirm number of adults/children and then tick the Yes box and click on Bookit.

Cancel a Booking 

  1. Click on My Bookings.

  2. Search for the booking you wish to cancel by clicking on All Product and selecting All bookings. The list will display all the owner bookings you have made.

  3. Select the booking you wish to cancel and click on the Edit button next to it.

  4. Change the Mode from Pending/Confirmed to Cancelled and then click on Update Booking.

Changing Booking Dates 

  1. To change the dates of a booking you need to have a setting enabled by your Agent. Contact therm to set up.

  2. You can instead cancel the booking and re-book it with the new, correct dates.

Check Agent Bookings 

  1. Click on Agent's Bookings.

  2. Click on the Agent's Bookings button to the right of the screen. A list of all bookings made by the agent or guest will display. Note: This list is not editable.

Update Contact Details

  1. Click on My Contact Details 

  2. Update relevant details and click on Update My Details 

My Website

If you have your own website the link on this page allows you to embed the YesBookit calendar for your property on a page in your site

  1. Click on Website Widgets

  2. Copy the link for the property and send it to your web developer so it can be inserted in the site HTML. If you have more than one property, the link for each property is displayed separately next to the property image.


The agent may upload useful information, newsletters etc to the page. To view the information:

  1. Click on Download Resources 

  2. If documents have been uploaded they will display on the page so click on the link to download and open them.

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