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Following are some helpful hints regarding the ‘best practice’ of responding to guest reviews. We encourage owners to keep these guidelines on hand when responding to the different types of guest reviews.


General Guidelines

  • Respond in a timely manner - the sooner after the review is written the better.

  • Customers do appreciate honesty and like to know that they are being heard.

  • However; there is no need to respond to every review. Only respond to reviews where you are adding value. For example, avoid responding to every review with “thanks.”

  • Your response should be concise and to the point, without seeming curt or rude.

  • Don’t direct your response to the person reviewing as an individual, but focus on replying to the comments being made in the review.

  • Your response should be targeted as much to future customers as it is to the original reviewer.

  • Authenticity is critical, let your personality be reflected in your replies.

Responding to Positive Reviews

If you do respond to positive reviews, try to personalise it by addressing the content in the review. Again, avoid repetitive answers to multiple reviews. 

Responding to Negative Reviews

  • Don’t overreact & don’t take it personally! Be nice, and respond without being defensive.

  • Focus on the content of the review, and not the person writing the review.

  • Ensure your response takes responsibility, offers help and reassures other guests.

  • If you can’t make it better, simply apologise.

Owner Response Moderation

The owner responses will be moderated under the same guidelines as the guest reviews. Some criteria the reviews will be moderated against include, but are not restricted to:

  • The review must be specific to the guest's stay at the relevant accommodation only.

  • Reviews cannot contain swear words (or implications of profanity i.e. @#$%)  or inappropriate language.

  • Reviews cannot be overly controversial, confrontational, discriminatory or derogatory, or overly personal in nature. 

  • Reviews cannot refer to unlawful or explicit activities.

  • Reviews must be in English.

  • The review must not be spam, or directing traffic to another business/property.

  • Must adhere to the Stayz Terms & Conditions

Note: For all Stayz support queries please email agents@stayz.com.au

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