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The Review moderation framework has been developed to ensure that all published reviews meet certain guidelines so that they are appropriate, relevant, and add value to current and future guests.

The guest review platform aims to provide a more authentic, transparent and fair system that will benefit both guests and the property owners. Furthermore this is in alignment with many comparative websites and is an industry standard.

Whilst we understand some reviews can be good, bad or indifferent, we aim to provide a transparent guest review process that is indicative of the guest's experience and we strongly encourage property managers to respond to the guest using the ‘Reply’ button. 

We have created a support article 'Responding to Guest Reviews' to assist you in your response:

In this response, we encourage open, constructive communication to address any queries raised by the guest. By providing this response to the guest, this will indicate to future potential guests that you have addressed the issue/s raised in the review and are open to resolving any issues that may arise during a guest's stay at your property.

However, we do understand that reviews can sometimes be subjective and therefore we may remove reviews based on:

  • Outside influences i.e. dogs barking, rooster crowing, things deemed as out of your control.

  • Guests that did not stay at your property and therefore can’t truly rate their experience.

If you would still like to dispute a published review, or require assistance, you can either click on Report an issue with the Review or lodge a ticket via the Support Portal

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