What have we been up to? Here's a quick summary of what you should know.

Connection to HomeAway Australia is live! 

We're glad to announce that the pilot is over, and the link feeding listings into HomeAway Australia is now live.  The HomeAway implementation team have started contacting property managers to help in the process of migrating listings across, so if you haven't heard already it won't be long.

Some of you may also be contacted by the YesBookit team to simplify some of your rates to make the migration process smoother. 

Marking up rates - on the way

With the HomeAway work, we are also building a tool to enable you to mark up (or down) rates for different channels.  It's not ready yet, but is getting close.

Tuesday's outage - an update

You may have noticed a period on Tuesday during which you were unable to login to YesBookit, and some other services may have been unavailable for some users. When this type of incident happens, we have a formal review process to understand the root cause. We're reviewing this incident at the moment, and we'll have more information for you in a future update.  

What's next?

Finish off HomeAway, get rates simplified where needed, and then get back into our Bug Bash.

As always, contact us if you have any questions about any of this.


Daniel and the YesBookit Team.

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