Why is a property that I've added to YesBookit not showing on a third party site?

You added a property into YesBookit, uploaded photos, added content and you can see the property on your own website but you can not see it on one or all of the 3rd party sites that you feed your properties to.

Before you contact Customer Support on the 3rd party site please check the following and ensure you can answer Yes to all the questions.

 1. In Listings > Holiday have you:

Have you uploaded at least one image, including the icon image? And do the images meet any minimum size requirements that may be specified by the third party site?


 Have you set a 'From' price in the Details tab?

Have you?

Checked Mode is set to Active?

Checked Portal Feed is set to Active?

Entered max guests?

Clicked on Save Changes > Update Website?

In Listings > Holiday Highway:

Have you checked that the property is selected to feed to the portal?

In YesBookit - Bookings Management:

Have you imported the updated property into the bookings management area?

Properties > Import Product / List > Import Product

On the property tariff page have you:

Entered the base weekly price?

Checked the Booking Mode is not set to 'Enquiries Only'?

Additional troubleshooting to help identify where the problem might be

Where you feed the property to more than one portal:

  1. Is it displaying on other portals? - if Yes, then this is a good indication the issue is to do with the specific portal, not the feed.

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