Activate your Mobile Site - only applicable to older non-responsive sites

How do I set up and customise my mobile site?

Go to Tools > Content Management > Mobile

You can view your mobile site at any time by adding /m to the end of your holiday website address.

Options to customise the site;

Enable Automatic Detection
When Enabled guests on mobile devices will be automatically re-directed to the mobile site. Once at the mobile site they will still be able to access the Desktop version at any time.

Mobile Site Heading
The wording shows in the top banner of your mobile site.

You can optionally choose to overlay the wording on the banner or hide the heading.

You can also select the colour of the wording and the colour of the outline. The default colour is white wording with a black shadow.

Banner Image
You can optionally add a custom banner image.

Note: Image must be in JPEG format with a width of 640 pixels and a height of 150 pixels and not be larger than 5Mb.

You will be able to preview how the banner image and wording will display on the mobile site.

Don’t forget to Save Changes

Mobile Site Preview:


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