This document describes how the iCalendar (iCal) export functionality works within YesBookit for AirBnb and other sites that support iCal.
In YesBookit you can access a link which is a live export of forward availability for a given property.

Step 1: Accessing the iCalendar URL in YesBookit

Two options:


  1. Login to YesBookit

  2. Go to Reports > Property Summary

  3. Click the Copy Link button in the iCal Export column


Holiday Manager

  1. Login to the Holiday Manager through Tools > Content Management

  2. Go to Listings > Holiday > Edit for the required property

  3. Open the OVERVIEW tab

  4. Click the Copy Link button under the iCal Export section

Step 2: Syncing the Airbnb calendar with the YesBookit calendar

  • If you edit an external calendar that syncs with your calendar on Airbnb, it will take a few hours for those changes to be visible to guests viewing your listing

  • When disabling external calendar sync on Airbnb any YesBookit availability will be removed from your Air bnb calendars

What this does

Push your YesBookit availability for the property to your Airbnb calendar

What it DOES NOT do:

Pull any Airbnb bookings into YesBookit or update the YesBookit calendar for the property (bookings have to be added manually).

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