The Extras Feature in YesBookit allows guests and staff to order extra products or services such as linen hire, cot hire, equipment hire and tours etc online. The guest is able to see the cost of the extras immediately and the agent is able to amend the order, or in the case of a phone or over the counter booking is able to create the order themselves.   

Step 1 - Create Extras Categories

  1. Go to Options > Extras Categories

  2. Enter the required categories (eg Linen, Equipment, Pet Levy) - one to a line with a maximum of five categories

  3. Click on Update Categories

Step 2 - Create Extras Items

  1. Go to Options > Extras List

  2. Click on Create New Item

Step 3 Enter Item Details

  1. ID: A unique code that identifies the item. NB. The ID must be more than 2 characters in length and must NOT start with a number. Do NOT use special characters such as & * / # % etc.

  2. Name: Name of the item that describes what it is in plain English.

  3. Start Date: Click on the calendar icon to select a date from when you want this item to be available.

  4. End Date: Click on the calendar icon to select the date when this item is no longer available.

  5. Category: Select a category

  6. Brief Description: Enter a short description of the item that will appear online next to the name of the item.

  7. Item Image: Select to enable image and then click choose file to add. Note: The image must be a 250 pixels wide .jpg

  8. Product Image: Produces a thumbnail of the product. Check the box Enable Image and use the Browse button to locate the image on your computer and load it. 

  9. GST: Select option regarding GST - included/not included in prices or N/A

  10. Base Price: Use this field where the item is a fixed price for the duration of the booking.

  11. Daily Flat Rate: Use this field where the price is calculated on the number of days in the booking.

  12. Price per First 14 Days: Use this field in conjunction with the Daily Flat Rate field where there is a loading on the daily rate for short stays or peak periods. After 14 days the price will default to the Daily Flat Rate. You may enter less than the full 14 days if the loading rate applies to a shorter period.

  13. Options: Each item can have up to 5 options linked to it. (e.g. A linen pack may have the option to have the bed made up on arrival, or a BBQ may have the option for a rotisserie) To enable an option check the Enable box, enter a unique Code, a Name and Price. 

  14. Update Item

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