Seasons are created and then assigned to a Scheme. An agent may have more than one Scheme, therefore allowing them to assign different Seasons to Schemes.

Add a Season:

  1. From Calendar > Seasons scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Add a Season

  2. Type in a full name for the season and an abbreviated or shortened name for use in tariff lists

  3. Select a colour for the season

  4. Set the Minimum/Maximum bookable days and valid Arrival days of the week

  5. Add Start on/ Change Over dates for the Season (see Add Dates to a Season below)

  6. Click on Update Season

Add Dates to a Season:

Seasonal dates are entered as date pairs inside the relevant Season. They can then be viewed from Calendar > Tariff Schemes > Display Calendar and amended where necessary. In preparation for adding your seasonal dates to YesBookit it is recommended you have worked out your start and end dates for all of your tariff seasons. We also recommend leaving your Low or Off Peak seasonal dates until last as YesBookit has a feature that allows you to Fill All gaps on your calendar with a selected season (see Edit a Tariff Scheme)

  1. From Calendar > Seasons

  2. Click into the Season you wish to edit and scroll down to the Dates section

  3. Click into the Starts on field to select the start date and then the Change Over field to select the date where the next season starts

  4. Repeat for all of the dates for the particular season and then click on Update Season

  5. Repeat for all Seasons until you have entered all your dates. You may optionally leave your Low or Off Peak seasonal dates empty as you will be able to use the Fill All feature to enter these dates automatically once your other seasonal dates are entered

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