YesBookit allows you to automate the process of sending payment reminder emails to guests. The exact number of days can be set in the agent's Yesbookit settings.

Also, when you change the settings, the Automated Payment Reminders system re-examines all of your bookings and reminders and makes adjustments so that the new settings are honoured.

For example:

  • If you turn notifications on, then all future bookings with outstanding payments will have payment reminder emails scheduled

  • If you turn notifications off, then all scheduled payment reminders will be cancelled.

  • If you change the “number of days prior” that emails should be scheduled, then all payment reminders will have their sending date adjusted so that the reminders are sent according to the new “days before” setting.

There is an important logical consequence of how this works.

If you have payment reminders on and then you change the number of "days before” to a higher number (reminders are sent sooner), then any payment reminders whose sending time WAS in the future according to the old setting, but is NOW in the past according to the new setting WILL NOT BE SENT. (The current implementation actually deletes the scheduled event as no longer relevant)

To turn this feature on:

  1. Go to Options > Settings > Payment

  2. Set Deposit and/or Balance Reminders to Enabled and enter how many days before the due date for each you want the email to be sent.

  3. Save Changes

New bookings will automatically be added to the scheduler, if you require existing bookings to be included then Saving Changes on the booking will add it to the scheduler.

The Reminder email is logged in the booking and Email Outbox in the normal way.

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