1. Locate the booking, click on Edit 

  2. Click on Change Dates and then select the new arrival and departure dates on the Calendar.

  3. When you have the correct dates, click on Calculate New Price.

  4. On the Confirm Date Change page the new pricing and dates will display and the original booking information will appear inserted into the Notes field. You can edit the wording if required.

  5. If required, change the pricing in the Rent field

  6. By default Email Guest, Email Owner and Email Cleaner will be selected under Notifications.
    : Email Owner and Email Cleaner will not be selected if Notifications are Disabled for that owner, however you can still manually override the setting.

  7. To proceed with the changed dates, click on Confirm New Dates to apply the date changes.

  8. Save Changes

  9. Guest, owner and cleaner will receive an email notification with the wording Dates Changed included in the Subject.

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