Login to your Holiday Manager via Tools > Content Management

Go to Website Content > Pages and click on Edit for the page you would like to update. If you are creating a new page, click Add Page instead.

  1. Click the Insert/Edit Image button in the toolbar OR right click an existing image and select Image Properties

  2. Click Browse Server button, this will open up the Resource Browser window where you can upload and select resources to use on the page (if you do not see a window open check that popups are not being blocked)

  1. In the Resource Browser you can create folders and upload files at the bottom of the window, if a file already exists with the same name it will be updated.

  2. Select a file using the Browse button at the bottom of the window and click the Upload button to the right

  1. Once the file is uploaded it will show in the list

  2. Click the file to return to the Image Properties dialog box, the image src will now be updated with the correct link to the uploaded image

  3. Click OK in the Image Properties dialog to complete the update / add process!

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