What is the BOID?

Where YesBookit interfaces with a back office or trust accounting system it needs a field that comes from the back office in order to update bookings into the correct property calendar in the back office.

That field in YesBookit is called BOID (Back Office ID) and the ID that needs to be entered in that field will come from the back office system.

The following gives a summary of how to find the BOID of a property so that ID can be entered in the BOID field on the Property tariff page in YesBookit.

Console Gateway

The BOID is the Property Ref in Console GatewayLive

Rockend REST

The BOID is the Property PP Key. This is a hidden field in REST and can only be found via YesBookit.
Go to Tools > Back Office Bookings > Click here to view REST Property List including Back Office ID. Find the property in the list that displays

The number to the left of the property in the column headed PP Key is the BOID for the property

Surfway Realpro

The BOID is the Realpro PID

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