Q. I want to take online payments through YesBookit - what do I need to do?

A. First step is to setup a Payment Gateway

What does this involve?

Establishing a system for processing credit cards online (i.e. a payment gateway) is similar, but in ADDITION to, getting a merchant facility to process credit cards via an Eftpos terminal. Your Eftpos merchant agreement does not permit you to process payments using credit card numbers acquired online. Payments taken online work in a very similar way as those taken through your Eftpos terminal. In other words, your Payment Gateway is your online Eftpos Machine! Transactions are transferred into your bank account daily in a lump sum as are your Eftpos transactions. The Admin Login section of the Payment Gateway has reporting features for reconciling payments and administrative tasks are carried out there including refunds etc.

Step 1: Choose a Payment Gateway

YesBookit has an interface for the following Payment Gateway systems –SecurePay, eWAY, or PayStation.

SecurePay fees are negotiated directly with them. You need to contact them and ensure you quote YesBookit’s Referrer ID - YBI.  For more information go to www.securepay.com.au/
eWAY More information at https://www.eway.com.au/
PayStation is for NZ clients. For more info see http://www.paystation.co.nz/

Step 2: Apply to your bank for an Online Merchant Facility

You need to apply to your bank for an Online Merchant Facility and tell your bank which Payment Gateway you will be using (eg SecurePay). If your bank asks for information about your website taking credit card details, please explain to them that your website WILL NOT be involved in ANY transactions at all. The online application YesBookit will pass payment details to the payment gateway of your choice using SSL.

Step 3: The bank issues you with a Merchant Electronic Number and Terminal ID

Once the application is completed and the Letter of Offer has been signed by the agent the bank will then issue the Merchant Electronic Number and Terminal ID.

Step 4: Provide your selected Payment Gateway with the bank merchant facility details

You will then be informed by your Payment Gateway provider that your account has been configured and activated for processing real-time payments to your bank merchant facility.

Step 5: Contact YesBookit Support

Once these steps have been completed contact YesBookit Support to activate the Payment Gateway.

Note: YesBookit has a once off Payment Gateway Integration Setup Training and Support fee regardless of the system you choose. See the Schedule in the Client Services and Distribution Agreement for the current price.

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