YesBookit is a hosted booking management solution that allows booking agencies to remotely manage their short term rental bookings. Our automated interface with Console Gateway saves agent’s the hassle of having to manually double enter booking information in their back-office in order to perform accounting.

Console developed a piece of software called the Console CSI which allows YesBookit to automatically add and update bookings in the agent’s back-office database. The Console CSI is supplied by Console and generally installed on the agent’s local network.


Office has static IP internet connection

  1. Install Console CSI

In order for YesBookit to interface with the back-office database the Console CSI needs to be installed.

To install the Console CSI your IT technician should contact Console who will supply them with an installation for the Console CSI as well as any relevant documentation. Console will support the installation and configuration of the Console CSI.

Console should provide some way of testing that the interface has been successfully installed on the machine via localhost or the address.

NOTE: YesBookit can connect to the Console CSI on any port, it does not have to be port 80.

During installation of the Console CSI a file called web.config will have to be edited to include your correct Console Database details. If you ever change your database name then this file will have to be updated.

The web.config file also contains a line which specifies which IPs can access and use the interface.

Please make sure the 2 IPs below are present in the file. These IPs are our YesBookit servers which will access the interface.

2. Configure Local Network

Once installation of the Console CSI is complete your local network will need to be configured so that the YesBookit servers can access it.

  1. Add excepting to Windows Firewall for port that Console CSI is running on

  2. Ensure machine hosting Console CSI has static IP on local network

  3. Configure port-forwarding in router for specific port to the Console CSI machine

NOTE: If you would like to limit access to the Console CSI by IP then these are the IPs we require to be able to access the software:

  • – IP of our server 

  •– IP of our local office network for testing purposes

3. Testing

Once the above steps have been completed please contact or our Support Staff on 1800 640 920 and provide the following:

  • Static IP of agents office (in most cases you can go to this website on the server machine to find the correct IP) – eg

  • Address to access Console CSI- eg  http:// CSI/CSI.asmx

We will then perform test to confirm the interface is working properly and report back with results.

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